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Are you an ambitious, growth-focused entrepreneur leading a company that is beyond startup and now facing the challenges of growth? If you’re delivering value to your customers and up to bat every day resolving one issue after another, you aren’t alone. MiQuest connects entrepreneurs just like you to ignite and unleash your venture’s potential.

Our Vision – Michigan is THE State of Entrepreneurship. Yes…it’s big, audacious and exciting – and doable.

MiQuest does this by connecting you to one another. We connect you with people, information, events and opportunities to help you conquer the growth issues you face every day, every month, every year. Here’s how we do it:

Michigan Entrepreneurship Score Card
Michigan Celebrates Small Business
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Our Mission – Ignite, Unleash and Promote Entrepreneurship

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Michigan Celebrates Small Business
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Entrepreneurship Score Card

2016 Edition

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MiQuest is pursuing an ambitious vision – Michigan is THE  State of Entrepreneurship.  This long-term vision will require:

  • Ramping up the communication and collaboration between organizations around the state supporting entrepreneurs of all kinds,
  • New and exciting programs to hyper-connect entrepreneurs with one another and the resources they need and
  • Continuing our diligent focus on entrepreneurship.

We would love for you to join in to make this vision a reality in record time.   We are well on our way with the trends evident in the Michigan Entrepreneurship Score Card – 2015 Edition.

Please sign-up today, let us know your thoughts and we will keep you informed as we progress.


MiQuest Board Members

Yan Ness

Yan Ness

CEO, Online Tech, Inc.

MiQuest Board Chair

Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler

President & CEO, SBAM

MiQuest Board Treasurer